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Frequently Asked Questions


Have a question? Take a look at some commonly asked questions. Don’t see what you are looking for? Fear not! I am here to answer your questions, calm your fears, and help you on your way to a BeYOUtiful you!



Does Waxing hurt?

Yes, waxing hurts, you're pulling hair out by the roots. But... the results are so worth it. Smooth, soft skin for weeks, thinner and softer hair with less hair growth over time. Not to mention time and cost involved in shaving. 

Over time waxing does become more comfortable. Waxing every 3-4 weeks ensures that the hair is both long enough yet the root of the hair is still small enough to cause a minimal amount of discomfort.

Who can not be waxed?

Certain oral medications, blood thinners, heart meds, antibiotics and even topical treatments such as Accutane, Retin A, Differin and Epiduo can cause serious problems when waxing. Clients using such medications should not be waxed and must wait the recommended amount of time before waxing. Not disclosing medications in order to receive a service may result in the lifting of several layers of the skin (appearance of road rash) which can cause permanent scaring. New medications are available daily so this list is not exclusive make sure you let our Aesthetician know of any changes in oral medications or topical treatments.

How long does my hair need to be?

Hair should be 1/4-1/2 inch in length to ensure good waxing results. It is important to understand there are three stages of hair growth: Anagen, activly growing and being fed by capillaries in the dermal papilla. Catagen, detached from the dermal papilla and no longer growing, what we refer to as resting stage. Telogen, new hair is forming at the dermal papilla pushing old hair out, shedding. Best results occur when your Aesthetician removes hair in the Anagen stage as new hair must start at the derma papilla taking up to 12 weeks to be waxing length again.

How often should I get waxed?

Ideally waxing every 3-4 weeks will give clients the best result. Remember not all hair grows at the same rate and that hairs are at different growth stages. Your first wax will remove all three stages of hair and continuing maintenance of waxing will remove the new growth that has reached the surface of the skin (epidermis). These later visits will be less painful as there is less hair, with infantile hair bulbs to remove.

Can I get waxed when I am having my Period?

Yes. However, due to fluctuations in hormone levels, you may be more sensitive during this time.


Do you wax men?

Yes. However we do not offer a male bikini or brozilian.

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