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Absolutely THE best place to go for a great wax job. Kristine made me feel comfortable and welcomed as soon as I met her. Not only is she pleasant, gentle and knowledgable.... But she is quick and professional and the end result is perfection!  Kristine is the ONLY person who I'll be going to for this service, I highly recommend her to 'waxing' veterans AND those who are looking for a positive first- time experience.... You'll be hooked! -Marisol


Don't forget to tip based on the regular price & not the groupon price. If you're a newbie like i was for the underarms and thr brazilian, it will sting for a quick moment but doesn't last. Kristine was great & very knowledgeable. -Mariebeth


She was wonderful, fast, gentle, and easy! I wish she was in Brooklyn so I could visit her salon regularly!!! -Katharine


So I was looking for a waxer close to my soon-to-be home, and I ended up finding this tiny gem  inside Sola Salon!
Kristine is awesome!!!! She's extremely warm, easy going, and extremely professional. She gets the job done incredibly fast. Also, I love that I can just schedule my session online. She's great at confirming, and I've never had a scheduling issue. 
I've been to several wax spots in town. I am happy to report that Kristine, by far, provides the best value! She has an amazing loyalty program, which you have to ask her about. I'm so excited to have found her. -Lesta


Super easy to schedule appointment, clean environment, very friendly and professional. I will use her services again. -Maureen


I absolutely love this place!  Kristine is amazing at what she does and made me feel so comfortable. I have been skeptical about getting a Brazilian or letting anyone wax my eyebrows after a previous bad experience at a big chain wax center, but my friend goes Kristine and reassured me she was amazing.   
First I needed to book my appointment. I am very busy and between my screaming kids and work meetings, sometimes phone calls aren't exactly in the cards.  My friend informed me that I could just book my appointment online whenever I had a minute. What a relief!  I got a text message the day prior to my appointment to remind me. 
When I arrived at the center it was very easy to find her room. They have a big electrical board when you walk in that has the business' name and room number on it. I made my way down to Norse Skin and was greeted by Kristine. She went over my expectations and concerns. She walked me through what we were going to be doing on my eyebrows to make sure that she fully understood what I wanted. She made some suggestions and we got down to business!  
My brows turned out AMAZING!  She showed me where I needed to let my hair grow in a little bit more to even them out after the butcher job I received at the place I went to before. 
My Brazilian was relatively painless, and quick!  She uses a hardwax so it hurts a lot less and it is also healthier for my skin. She was very professional and we had great conversation throughout my whole waxing experience so it was not awkward at all (a previous concern of mine). 
Kristine walked me through my after care which was super informative. I am prone to ingrown hairs so she gave me an at-home regime to follow to help combat that. I have to say, I do not have one ingrown to date! 
I will definitely be returning to Kristine in a few weeks for my next wax.  I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family because she is amazing AND I get a discount for every referral...even better!
If you are looking for a professional waxer who cares about her clients skin, then Kristine at Norse Skin is the gal to see! -Kelly


Quick and painless! Easily the best wax I've gotten. I came to Norse Skin Care for a brazilian, which I was nervous about. Fortunately, Kristine is very kind, friendly and makes you feel super comfortable. She used hard wax, which is so much quicker and easier on the skin than the strips most waxers use - she removed everything with ease and never had to go over certain spots more than once. The wax went by so fast, I was both pleased and surprised. If you're looking for a great place to get waxed, this is the place to go. I definitely will be returning here for all future waxes! -Ciara


Kristine is awesome! She's super friendly and really quick, which- if you've ever had a serious wax- is a very important asset! Highly recommend all of her services! -Jackie


I LOVE this place. The atmosphere is so relaxing while getting a facial and even though waxing is a little uncomfortable at times, Kristine is awesome at making it as easy and painless as possible. -Tina

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